Roy Tennant: An Open Letter to New Librarians

Good advice for the freshly-minted and seasoned librarian:

Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Attitude Threatens Network of Public Assets

The Great Librarian Write-Out!!

Want to save libraries? We’ve got to step outside the libraryland echo chamber*, and talk with to people who don’t live, eat, breath and obsess about libraries most every minute of the day. The ever-awesome Patrick Sweeney has launched a very, very cool project to get us going:

You’ve got nearly a year to participate. Please join in!

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Camden Loses Its Soul for Good…Closes Main Library

From the AP, sad story of the closing of Camden NJ’s main library.

Jerome Szpila took the job as director of the Camden library less than a year ago, with plans to upgrade a system that has suffered from years of underfunding. Librarians say they haven’t been able to buy a new book in more than a year.

The check-out system still uses paper cards of the type that were retired in most big public libraries by the 1970s. There’s no computerized inventory of the collection and the old card catalog system hasn’t been updated for years.

“We don’t know what we have,” he said. But as he arrived, he realized the challenge was more elemental: He would just try to keep the libraries running.

“It’s a sad day to say the city cannot afford its own library,” he said.

Szpila was one of the 19 employees at the library as it closed. Along with eight others, he’s been hired to staff the new Camden branch of the county library. The others are preparing for unemployment.

Colorado Library Lobby Day & Snapshot Day

#SaveLibraries takes off worldwide

In the UK: Twitter Support for Libraries Snowballs (Thank you for this lead, Suzanne.)

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Phil Bradley’s #SaveLibraries posters on Flickr

Real-time Results for #SaveLibraries

Save Libraries Photo Album

Check it here, library lovers. Want to contribute? Use the #savelibraries hashtag when you past your library-lovin’ photos to Twitter.

BBC News – Buckinghamshire library emptied in cuts protest

BBC News – Buckinghamshire library emptied in cuts protest.

Spread the Word: There’s New Evidence of Libraries’ ROI | American Libraries Magazine

Spread the Word: There’s New Evidence of Libraries’ ROI

Brown Proposes Eliminating All State Funding for CA Public Libraries