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In the News: BHAG Public Library Advocacy

A great advocacy article from (my thoroughly awesome boss) Jamie LaRue: Keeping Our Message Simple | American Libraries Magazine.

Gratituesday: The Denver Public Library

Check it out.

Spread the Word: Why I Need My Library Teen Video Contest

The Great Librarian Write-Out!!

Want to save libraries? We’ve got to step outside the libraryland echo chamber*, and talk with to people who don’t live, eat, breath and obsess about libraries most every minute of the day. The ever-awesome Patrick Sweeney has launched a very, very cool project to get us going:

You’ve got nearly a year to participate. Please join in!

*See also

Bobbi Newman’s Thinking Outloud About the Echo Chamber

Ned Potter’s #echolib post

Andy Woodworth’s Dismantling the Echo Chamber

#SaveLibraries takes off worldwide

In the UK: Twitter Support for Libraries Snowballs (Thank you for this lead, Suzanne.)

#SaveLibraries on Google News

Phil Bradley’s #SaveLibraries posters on Flickr

Real-time Results for #SaveLibraries

Darien Library: The Great Good Place

Plenty of inspiration here, folks.

Darien Library: The Great Good Place from Darien Library on Vimeo.

“Cutting librarians cuts out the heart of communities”

The Seattle Times editorial is here.

“Little Librarian Playset” discussion on boingboing

Check it out

Public Libraries Dare to be Different

I there any doubt in your mind that public libraries:

  1. Change lives.
  2. Mean business.
  3. Build community.
  4. Are a smart investment.

There’s plenty of proof here.

In the News: Libraries are a Necessity, Not Nice to Have

Philadelphia, PA: Measuring libraries’ impact. “We all know that libraries are nice to have. But as it turns out, we need to have them…”

Seattle, WA: Libraries provide no-cost learning tools.

Long Beach, CA: Why Long Beach Public Libraries Matter.